Pukekohe and Castle Cove

The month of November was spent house sitting in Pukekohe NZ, about 30 minutes south of Auckland. Our host home was a large house sitting on about 5 acres of land. Eight sheep, two chickens, a dog and a cat call this small farm home.

pukekohe (8)

pukekohe (1)
Stella the dog.

pukekohe (5)

pukekohe (11)
George the cat.

pukekohe (4)

pukekohe (12)
The sheep before their spring shearing.

pukekohe (3)

pukekohe (13)

pukekohe (7)
One of the ewes had this lamb while we were there.
pukekohe (6)
Colin shearing the sheep. Short video below.

Castle Cove

Castle Cove is a bay on the east coast of the island. About an hour away from Pukekohe.

pukekohe (9)

pukekohe (10)
Crystal clear waters. A bit too cool to swim in.

pukekohe (14)

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