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The name comes from Dùn Èideann, the Scottish Gaelic name for Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. The city’s first surveyor was instructed to emulate the characteristics of Edinburgh, creating a unique “Romantic” design, very uncharacteristic for New Zealand

The country’s largest university, the University of Otago, is located here and a substantial portion of the town’s population are students. Summer school is currently in session so the city has been quiet.

Dunedin (11) Dunedin (4) Dunedin (5) Dunedin (1)

Dunedin (16)
Overlooking Downtown Dunedin at sunset from Signal Hill
Dunedin (8)
A view from the Otago Peninsula
Dunedin (10)
Sandfly beach on the Otago Peninsula
Dunedin (14)
Aramoana Beach – A storm coming in
Dunedin (2)
Tunnel Beach
Dunedin (6)
Tunnel Beach – Aptly named for the tunnel of steps you must take to get down to the water.
Dunedin (17)
The 72 steps of tunnel to Tunnel Beach.
Dunedin (13)
A viewpoint from up above Tunnel Beach
Dunedin (12)
Attempt at artistic photography of Sandfly Beach
Dunedin (15)
Otago Harbor, the weather was quite pensive.
Dunedin (9)
A flock of sheep on the Otago Peninsula. Look like they need to be sheared.

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