Fiordland & Milford Sound

Mountains pierce the cool blue surface like underwater giants coming up for air. It was the most amazing scenery I’ve ever experienced.

Milford Sound holds the claim to New Zealand most famous tourist destination, and upon entering the fiord it is clearly understood why. I just wish the pictures could do justice.

The drive in was nearly as magnificent as the destination.20141019_07324520141019_112912 20141019_12525620141019_114931 20141019_115742

Milford Sound

image Milford Sound is the largest of 14 fiords that make of Fiordland National Park.

The best way to experience the fiord is via a boat. We chartered a cruise with Mitre Peak who has the smallest vessels so it’s not crowded and the captain can navigate the ship closer to the shores and waterfalls.

The smaller Mitre Peak ship on the left (there were 19 of us) and another cruise line with over 150 passengers.
That highest peak to the right is Mitre Peak, the namesake of the cruise line we were on. It sits at 1692 meters above the water, that’s just over a mile!
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There are 4 major waterfalls in Milford Sound. This one is as tall as a 50 story building.
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A few males seals resting on the rocks in the fiord.
Those tiny black dots in the middle of the water are a few exploring kayakers.
Another view of Mitre Peak to the far left. The two white dots floating on the water are other cruise ships. Gives you an idea of scale.

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