Lakes and The Southern Alps


Recently made a trip inland to sight see around the Southern Alps. Started at lakes Tekapo and Pukaki then ventured into Mount Cook National Park. At 3,754 meters, half the height of Mt. Everest, Mount Cook is the highest point in NZ and surprisingly easy to get near.

The weather was nice near the lakes but rapidly changed in between the ranges. Wind gusts could hit 100k/hr so I turned back after a short hike in the park. Will make another trip on a nicer day since the area hosts some of the most stunning views.

Lakes&MtCook (19)
On the drive in. The landscape changes almost instantaneously from flat to mountains.

Lake Tekapo

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Lakes&MtCook (16)
The peaks of Mount Cook can be seen in the middle right of this picture.

Lakes&MtCook (15) Lakes&MtCook (11) Lakes&MtCook (4) Lakes&MtCook (2)

Mount Cook National Park

Lakes&MtCook (6)
Not a pleasant day to be hiking.

Lakes&MtCook (9) Lakes&MtCook (5)

Lakes&MtCook (8)
Tasman Lake – This lake is formed by melting ice and snow from the Tasman Glacier. The edge of the glacier can been seen at the back of the lake. During the peak of winter the lake is filled with giant icebergs of broken off glacier.

Lakes&MtCook (7)

5 thoughts on “Lakes and The Southern Alps

  1. Jake, I said the same thing as your mom…stunning views. Thank you for sharing your photos. I’m traveling through NZ vicariously! Take good care!

  2. Jake, I talked with JD Payne Boothe, an old friend of your dad’s. He was out of this world proud of you for following your dream…having the courage to leave what you know and go to a far-away land and work your way across country. He loved all your pics and your video and said to keep sending! Hugs, Aunt Susan

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