Queenstown, Glenorchy, & Kinloch

We’ve been jumping around a lot the past few weeks.

From Christchurch we headed to the popular holiday spot of Queenstown. The population of this modern, alpine village rolls over every six months with nearly half the population moving out and being replaced with a new set of citizens. Being spring, the town was quiet but will pick up soon with the summer tourist season.

It rained both days we were there but still enjoyed the atmosphere of this Colorado-ski-town like settlement.20141014_120646

The water in the lake is crystal clear.

20141015_110836Further up the lake is a small town called Glenorchy. Not much to do there but some nice scenery. Follow the dirt road north and you reach Paradise, and if the weather was a bit more pleasant I could understand the naming. 20141015_115503 20141015_12343720141015_145906Right across the lake from Glenorcy is the quite hamlet of Kinloch, home to only a lodge and accompanying tavern. We stayed here for a several days and explored the area including the Routeburn Track and Glacier Burn.

The Routeburn Track – One of the most popular multi-day hikes in New Zealand. Turned back after a few hours due to a 19 cm (7.5 inch) rain forecast.


Glacier Burn – The best tasting water I’ve ever had.

20141016_173453 20141017_103538 20141016_12421220141015_120737

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  1. Ah Jake, loved this bunch of pictures and your commentary, too. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. Love you. Safe travels!

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