Several Stops

Several Stops on the way to the South Island

Napier – Two hours south of Te Au Farm. A small coastal city with neat black stone beaches.


Wellington – Capital of New Zealand. Voted the “coolest little capital in the world”. My favorite city so far. A quite urban layout sprawled among several coastal hills.

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I’m now settled in Timaru which is about half way down the east coast of the South Island. With a population of only about 40,000 people, there is little to do or see. However, a short drive inland brings you to the Southern Alps. Glaciers and pristine lakes line the major mountain chain and offer plenty of day trips and sight seeing opportunities. Headed to Lake Tekapo tomorrow and hopefully will return with pictures.

9 thoughts on “Several Stops

  1. Hey Jake! I really enjoy reading about your journey. Please take care of yourself. Macie and Uncle a Willie say “hello.” We love you

  2. Hi Jake Thanks for the update. City is very pretty. Intersting stone beach. Can’t wait for more pictues. Love Mom.

  3. I work with Amanda and she shared your blog with me. I love Wellington as well. You are quite a photographer – beautiful photos. Hope you get to go to Hobbiton. It is a fun day trip.

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