Trekking NZ – Poem by Doug Ard

My very good friend Doug was inspired by the photos and stories from my journey and he wrote the poem below. I was honored to receive such a gift and I would like to share. Enjoy!

Trekking NZ

Cars, trains and planes
leaving the homeland main.

Greeted to New Zealand
by wind, wet condition.

Cultural monetary realization
but soon able to be on position.

Lands with rolling hills like no other
Sheep dotting pastures like small white clouds
hovering over the green cover.

Yet in the back set,
the sea, calm and blue
occasional white tips swirling through.

Working my way
for food and board.

Duck farm first to be
Fed well with eggs aplenty
and sleep a blissful accord!

Off to market with eggs to sell
attending Rugby game and Social Club
All went quite well!

Trekking my way southward
among vistas of Hawk’s Bay.

Come to work at Te Au Farm
Land with sheep, pigs and cattle along the way.

Laboring on graceful paddocks
Each with individual charm.

Huge land requires transportation unique!
A dirt bike fits the bill, I think!!

Riding on a tour of a lifetime along the coast
Captivating sites from sea to cliffs
all belonging to the host
And, a few swifts.

Transiting onto South Island way
new adventures the least to say.

House sitting comfy and free
Dogs, time and lands to see.

Land of Enchantment afore me with glorious views
Blue sky and terrain of various hues.

Of these, Mt. Cook calls my name.
Lakes of splendor sit at it’s base.

Taking heed of simple Grace!

Beholding this striking site of fame,
realizing peacefulness, tranquility of the plain!

How majestic life can be in God’s face!!
Wonderment before me, tells me without shame,

Opportunity is within you and me
All you have to do is open your eyes and see!!!!

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