Whangarei and Northland

The last two weeks have been amongst the beaches and bays of the Northland Region of New Zealand. This area stretches from just north of Auckland to the  most northern point at Cape Reinga.

The weather has been absolutely perfect with all sun, a cool breeze, and temperatures in the mid 70s F.

The first stop was in the coastal city of Whangarei. The Maori pronunciation of the letter combination “wh” is a “f”.

We explored several walking trails, a water fall, and about half a dozen different bays along the coast.

whangarei (17)

whangarei (18)
This was a canopy walkway high above the ground through a stand of kauri trees.
whangarei (13)
Bay after bay of picturesque beaches.
whangarei (14)
Each beach had its own unique sand.

whangarei (7)

whangarei (9)
Lots of attractive flowers along the coast line.

whangarei (11)

whangarei (4)

whangarei (5)

whangarei (6)

whangarei (1)

whangarei (2)

whangarei (12)
The empty shell of a kina (sea urchin). Need to be careful walking barefoot in some areas because these guys have stout spikes.

whangarei (15)

whangarei (10)

whangarei (16)


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